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Save time

Save time

You won’t need to spend your time browsing the Internet for material or creating content

Save money

Save money

Use with unlimited patients/clients/students
Works with all cognitive functions with patients of all profiles
Work with several patients at the same time

More motivated patients

More motivated patients

96% of clients say that their patients are more motivated when working with NeuronUP

Analyzing the results

Analyzing the results

Store and track patient evaluation in detail

  • Neuronup has been invaluable in working with brain injury and cognitively impaired patients. Their programs offer a wide variety of cognitively stimulating activities. The programs can be personalized so that each patient has his or her individual therapy to meet their specific needs and challenges. I have used other programs and this is my favorite. Patients really like it. Not only are the activities stimulating and therapeutic but they are fun! The free worksheets are a great tool to follow up the work done in sessions. I highly recommend Neuronup for Cognitive Therapy.
    Barbara Miller
    Marin Neuropsychology Center
  • NeuronUP has been a great tool to complement our cognitive stimulation therapies.  Being a larger rehabilitation center, it allows us to save time while creating a personalized rehabilitation for each and every patient. It has thousands of different activities and materials that the patients enjoy too! 
    Dr. Jason Brown
    Center for Cognition and Communication
  • The variety of types of activities as well as complexity and challenge levels available means that there is something to challenge almost all of my people.  Because I can choose the level of an activity for any given day means I can adjust the program "on the fly" if my client is having a difficult time or an exceptionally good day.  I appreciate that the staff are open to feedback and have made modifications to activities based on my suggestions.  It feels like we work as a team.  And I also appreciate that there is a constant stream of new activities giving me more and more to choose from for my treatment programs.
    Trish White
    Occupational Therapist at British Columbia, Canada
  • NeuronUP gives me the opportunity to create and provide an organized, fun and consistent treatment plans for each of my client’s based on their personal skill sets. Furthermore, NeuronUP’s adaptive multi-format therapy feature has helped my practice transition from teletherapy into a clinic setting and vice versa. I can print out paper worksheets for my clients for a more physical/tactile approach to their sessions and I can send copies of those worksheets home with parents to work on at home for extra practice. Most importantly, my patients love the interactive activities that help them reach their goals and potential. I highly recommend NeuronUP.
    Jessica Garcia
    OT with Jess
Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Available anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

Une personnalisation optimisée

Maximum customization

Personalization of activities, sessions and programs

Plus de 10.000 activités

More than 10,000 exercices

Including more than 3,000 additional resources to help with your interventions

Thérapies multi-formats

Multi-format therapies

Touch devices, laptops, desktops, interactive whiteboard or paper

Work remotely with your patients

Sometimes an in-person visit to the clinic isn't possible. Whether you need to maintain social distance, your client is traveling, can't fit the visit into their working hours, they just live too far away or physical mobility problems make it difficult, being able to work remotely helps with that problem.

NeuronUP allows you to work with your patients at a distance. Your patient will be able to access, from the comfort of their own home, the sessions that you, as a professional, have previously designed for them.

Advantages for you as a professional
  • Expand your business capacity to manage the rehabilitation of patients located in different places in the world.

  • Carry out a controlled and personalized intervention with all the results being stored on the platform.

  • Redefine the therapy according to the progress of each patient, promoting a continuous and guided improvement.

Advantages for your patients:
  • Continue their rehabilitation from the comfort of their own home at any time of day.

  • Reinforce the activities that have been worked on in the clinic.

  • Strengthen adherence to treatment.

10,000 exercices classified by more than 40 cognitive processes

More than 10,000 exercices with customizable content generators, allowing the creation of unlimited materials. NeuronUP allows you to customize the activities to suit the characteristics and needs of your patients and increase their motivation.  For example, if you want to work on a word search activity with a child, you can put the child’s family member’s names or favorite cartoon character’s names into the puzzle. The familiarity of the names engages the patient and gives more focus on the objectives of the exercise.


The activities are subdivided into more than 40 cognitive processes. A second selection can also be made, based on factors such as the difficulty of the exercise or the age of the patient (activities for children or activities for adults) and the modality (exercises to be worked on in groups or individually). This classification allows the therapist to choose the most appropriate cognitive stimulation activities for each patient and improve the treatment.


For those professionals who have working in a multilingual setting, the platform has activities in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Work with sessions to save time and improve your organization

Time with your patients is limited, so why waste it on finding, creating and gathering materials, and why not invest it directly in your interventions with your patients?

NeuronUP sessions allow you to design, IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES, a flexible intervention with hundreds of activities to suit the needs of each and every patient.

It’s very simple, just select the activities you want to work with and drag the session to the calendar. You can configure the activities, sessions and programs of your patients to make a fully customized therapeutic intervention, quickly and professionally.


Plan the duration of the session, the language, the degree of difficulty, as well as the number and order of the activities in the session. Schedule the session to make the most of every minute.


No patient/client limits

Are your patient records well organized? Are you paying for a separate system to keep track of your patients?


NeuronUP has no limits to the number of patients you can use the platform with on your subscription, that is to say, the professional can add and work with as many patients as he or she wishes. Moreover, it allows you to have all the information about your patients; reports, medical tests, notes, schedule, activity results, etc. in one place. Everything, grouped and organized in one place, always accessible and safe. And it ensures the confidentiality of your patients with NeuronUP being HIPAA compliant.


You will be able to see all their results instantly and be able to consult and analyze the following: how many activities the patient has completed, along with their errors, correct answers, execution time and other statistics.


What's New

Resources for and from our global professional community.

Create a clinical intervention adapted to your patients

Our scientifically based methodology is divided into different areas of therapeutic intervention, with cognitive functions, activities of daily living and social skills related to neurological pathologies.

Each activity is leveled according to technical parameters that allow the therapist to adapt the intervention to the cognitive capacity and specific needs of each patient. The activities are classified by intervention areas, so that the therapist chooses the exercise he or she wants, according to the cognitive function or daily life activity he or she wants to work with. In addition, a second selection can also be made, based on factors such as the difficulty of the exercise or the age of the patient. This classification allows the therapist to choose the most appropriate cognitive stimulation activities for each patient and improve the treatment.

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At NeuronUP, we offer continuous support and personalized attention to help you choose the plan that best suits your needs. We also provide free training in which we teach you how to create a clinical intervention adapted to your patients to help you make the most of the platform.