Productivity, Flexibility & Customisation


Organisation hierarchy of Activities / Sessions / Programmes allows for the convenience of intervention pre-design based on certain typical patient profiles.

Results analytics stores and tracks the progress of your patients, and together with the capacity to store patient data, everything is in one place.

Multiple Formats

• Both digital and / or paper formats

• Work in clinic or at the comfort of your patients’ home through tele-health

• Available in multiple languages


• HIPAA verified

• Trusted by 4,000 professionals, used by over 25,000 patients

Saves time / energy / money

• The above means you save time and energy

Unlimited patients / clients / students per professional subscription

All in all, NeuronUP is a Cognitive Stimulation Tool aimed at increasing productivity and flexibility for neurorehabilitation professionals. Here’s what some of the professionals have to say:

“NeuronUP gives me the opportunity to create and provide an organized, fun and consistent treatment plans for each of my client’s based on their personal skill sets. Furthermore, NeuronUP’s adaptive multi-format therapy feature has helped my practice transition from teletherapy into a clinic setting and vice versa. I can print out paper worksheets for my clients for a more physical/tactile approach to their sessions and I can send copies of those worksheets home with parents to work on at home for extra practice. Most importantly, my patients love the interactive activities that help them reach their goals and potential. I highly recommend NeuronUP.”

Jessica García

OT with Jess

“The variety of types of activities as well as complexity and challenge levels available means that there is something to challenge almost all of my people. Because I can choose the level of an activity for any given day means I can adjust the program “on the fly” if my client is having a difficult time or an exceptionally good day. I appreciate that the staff are open to feedback and have made modifications to activities based on my suggestions. It feels like we work as a team. And I also appreciate that there is a constant stream of new activities giving me more and more to choose from for my treatment programs.”

Trish White

Occupational Therapist at British Columbia, Canada

My name is Carmen

Over the last few years, after I finished a stressful corporate job overseas, I have been very much interested in the topics of neuroscience, psychology, and general health and well-being. Partly due to parenting, and partly due to growing self-awareness, they led me to discover how our environment, physical conditions, childhood and life incidents shape our perception, behavior, mental and physical health.

This discovery seems to be a bit late, but if I had a chance to be in university again, the above would be my subjects of choice. Right now, I am passionate about supporting people to reach their potential. As a representative of NeuronUP, I want to be able to support your work, to be efficient, productive, and up-to-date, so that not only your clients can enjoy attentive and personalized care from you; but you can also enjoy better control of your time and energy as well. In essence, when you are well, your clients will be in better shape.

So, although I cannot be at the front line of caring, I get to support your good work and your clients. My family and I recently moved to Melbourne, where many years ago I finished my MA in Arts Administration at RMIT. And of course, I can be reached anywhere from Australia. Hope to connect with you all soon!

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