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Cognitive abilities or functions: definition, examples, and exercises for improving them

cognitive abilities functions exercises for improving

Cognitive abilities allow us to carry out any task, therefore we use them constantly to learn and remember information, integrate information regarding personal history and identity, manage information relatin gto the time or moment one is living and to where one is heading, maintain and shift attention, recognize different sounds, process different stimuli, perform calculations or represent and mentally manipulate objects.

All the activities we do require using our cognitive functions, which involves millions of neuronal connections distributed throughout the brain lobes and the activation of different brain areas to interact safely with our environment and process the information we obtain through different path ways.

Cognitive functions, Types and examples of cognitive abilities:





Executive functions



Visuospatial skills

Social cognition

Cognitive impairments

Cognitive disorders, as the name suggests, affect cognitive abilities. Individuals who suffer from cognitive disorders thereby have impairments in memory, executive function, language, praxis, gnosis, etc.

Below, we recommend different activitiesfor improving cognitive functiondepending onthe type of cognitive function or processto be rehabilitated.

Activities for improving cognitive function or cognitive abilities

This is a compilation of exercises or activities arranged by cognitive ability. Move the mouse over the image links to see what functions are trained in the different activities and have access to blogs addressing the rehabilitation of eachspecific function:

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