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The 5 most popular cognitive stimulation activities for adults

Pair up the figures or Repeated words were some of the most popular activities of cognitive stimulation for adults. At NeuronUP, we do not want to miss out on the opportunity to show you most frequently used worksheets by neurorehabilitation professionals.

The most popular cognitive stimulation activities for adults:

1. Pair up the figures

Pair up the figures has been the exercise most used by professionals in 2016. This is a task to train selective attention in which clients have to match the same pictures.

This worksheet is both in paper and digital format. A range of difficulty levels is available—from basic to advanced— so that the therapist can select the level that is most appropriate for the client’s capabilities.

Basic Level

This level, for example, is suitable for individuals with severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Advanced Level

This level is appropriate for individuals with mild cognitive impairment.

2. Repeated words

This cognitive rehabilitation task involves identifying all the words that appear more than once. It improves selective attention and working memory.

The following is an example of an intermediate level worksheet. We can see that the word “hockey” appears three times. Is this the only repeated word or are there others? How many?

3. Select items from a category

This activity involves choosing a number of specific items among a group of stimuli. This task is perfect for improving selective attention and semantic memory.

In the next picture, for instance, all the food has to be identified:

Let’s make the game more difficult. Now, identify all the common bathroom objects.

More complicated, right?

4. Search for consecutive stimuli

This task is oriented towards training selective attention. It involves looking for the given code among a group of stimuli. In the following example the user has to mark every time they find 37 together.

5. Task sequencing (written)

The last worksheet that makes up the top 5 most popular cognitive stimulation activities for adults in 2016 improves planningcomprehension, and reasoning. It involves ordering the steps necessary to perform a task.

Like other worksheets at NeuronUP, this one also includes several levels of difficulty: listed below are a basic worksheet and an advanced one.

Basic Level

Advanced Level

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