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Social cognition worksheet for teaching children how to behave: What is the best thing to do?

Social cognition worksheet for teaching children how to behave

We continue working on expanding our social cognition materials. In this case we have developed a social cognition worksheet to help children and teenagers behave correctly: What is better to do?

What does it consist of?

It consists of analyzing a situation and seeing what would be the right way to behave in it.

Life is full of choices, and it is not always easy to make the right one in each case. By showing different cases adapted to reality and giving them several behavioral options, we teach children to question several aspects of situations they may encounter in their daily lives and weigh the consequences of their decisions.

In the following video we show you an example of how to work with this exercise.


What is better to do? is a worksheet and, like all NeuronUP worksheets, it is organized into five levels of difficulty:

Ways to work with this social cognition worksheet for children

What does this activity work?

Text reader

To make it easier for children and teenagers with reading problems work on this activity, the texts in this social cognition worksheet can be played. At the touch of a button, the text on the screen can be listened to out loud.

Paper format

This social cognition worksheet is also available on paper format for you to work with your patients.

Languages to work with this worksheet

This activity can be done in Spanish and English.

Adult version of this activity

What is better to do? has an adult version called Correct Behaviors. Here is an example of a medium level:

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