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Players in Order – Episodic memory game for kids

episodic memory activity

We knew that the adult activity Sticky Notes in Order was going to be very successful, and we were right, its being used a lot! That’s why we have decided to break out the children’s version of this exercise as soon as possible, with a design more adapted to children and just as entertaining. We present you the memory game for children we’re calling: Players in Order.​

What does the game consist of?

Children have to memorize the position of a sequence of numbers on shirts and then press them in order. In the following video we show you an example of how to work with this activity: 

What does this activity work?

This NeuronUP activity works on episodic memory and working memory.

Ways to work with this activity

Players in Order is a NeuronUP game allowing you to work in two different ways:

1. By levels

The game is divided into levels. Level 1 being the easiest and level 12 the most complicated

The pateint will automatically level up or down according to his successes or mistakes. In addition, the professional can choose the level manually.

2. Personalized levels

In addition, customized levels can be created to adapt them to the specific needs of the patient

We can also set parameters of the game such as:

In addition, you can customize other general aspects such as:

Available Languages

This activity is available in English, Spanish and French

Suggestions or comments

If you would like to suggest an activity or give us an idea or feedback write us at, write is in our chat feature, call us at +1 (305) 424-8333 or get in touch via social media and we’d love to hear what you have to say!

And please 🙏, help us to improve and when you try this game with your patients let us know what you think!

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