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New memory activity for Adults – Obstacles on the Road

episodic memory activity

We are launching this new activity thanks to the suggestion of one of our clients working with Multiple Sclerosis patients. Thanks again for your involvement in the creation of new activities! We would like to take this opportunity to encourage the rest of our customers to do the same, by writing your suggestions to

What does the activity consist of?

This memory activity for adults called Highway Obstacles consists of memorizing a series of obstacles and then finding an appropriate route to the office by car, avoiding them.

In the following video we show you an example of the activity at the medium level:

Levels by difficulty

Highway Obstacles is a worksheet and, like all NeuronUP worksheets, it is organized by five levels of difficulty:

Ways to work this memory activity for children

What does this activity work?

Highway Obstacles works:

Application in daily life

It is an ideal activity to work on memory and mental organization. Very useful in daily life to prepare tasks such as:


This activity can be worked both digitally with a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard, as well printed to paper.

Langauges available on this worksheet

This memory activity for adults can be worked with children in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese..

Kids’ version

Highway Obstacles has a version for children called Park Obstacles. In this case, children have to memorize a series of obstacles and then trace the requested route by avoiding them. Here is a video of how to do this activity for children:

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