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Easter Game for Kids: Easter Eggs

With the arrival of Easter, we wanted to put out an Easter themed game for kids: Easter Eggs. We hope you like it!

In what does it consist?

It is an episodic memory activity for the little ones in which, in a playful and fun way, they will have to test their attention and ability to memorize the eggs of different characteristics that are shown to them.

This Easter game consists of memorizing the color of the eggs and then finding out which one is missing. In the following video we show you an example of the activity at the intermediate level:

Ways to work with this game

Easter Eggs is a NeuronUP game and as such it can be played in two ways:

1. By Levels

The game is divided by levels. Level 1 being the easiest and level 9 the most complicated.

The child will level up or down automatically according to his successes or mistakes. In addition, the professional can choose the phase manually.

As the levels go up, working memory plays a key role, as the number of eggs to memorize increases and they have more and more nuances.

2. Customized levels

In addition, customized levels can be created to adapt them to the specific needs of each child.

2.1. General aspects

You can choose other general aspects such as:

2.2 Parameters

In addition, we will be able to choose some parameters of the activity such as:

What does this activity do?

Easter Eggs works::

Languages to work with this Easter game for children.

This memory activity for children can be played in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Adult version

Easter Eggs has an adult version called Color Lottery. This activity consists of memorizing the color of the balls in the drum and then finding out which one has come out.

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