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New activity to work on episodic memory with children

episodic memory and inhibition activity for kids

The first activity of 2022 of NeuronUP is here! The First Dog is an activity to work on episodic memory with children.

What is this activity to work on episodic memory with children?

This game consists of remembering the first dog that moves in a series. The child must remember it and click on it once prompted to do so. The following video we show you how to play:

What does this activity work?

This NeuronUP activity works inhibition and episodic memory.

Ways to work with the game The First Dog

The First Dog is a NeuronUP game and, like all NeuronUP games, it can be played in two ways:

1. By levels

The game is divided into levels. Level1 being the easiest and level 9 the most complicated.

The patient will automatically level up or down according to his or her correct answers or mistakes. In addition, the professional can choose the level manually.

2. Customized levels

In addition, customized phases can be created to adapt them to the specific needs of each child.

2.1. General features

You can customize other general aspects such as:

2.2 Parameters

In addition, in this exercise to work episodic memory with children we will be able to define some parameters of the activity such as:

Adult version of the activity

The First Dog is the children’s version of the activity The First to Fly. In this case the patient will have to pay attention to the butterflies that move their wings because they will be later asked to point out which was the first butterfly to move its wings.

Languages available

This activity is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

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