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Activity to teach children about money management

children's money activity

New activity to teach kids how to manage money

This week we present a children’s activity with high ecological value. We are talking about Sort Your Piggy Bank, an exercise for children to become familiar with and identify the coins and bills of their country (of other countries too!).​​

What does it consist of?

Children have to classify coins and banknotes by their value. In this video we show you how to play:

What is the objective of this exercise?

The objective of this exercise is for the children to identify all the coins and banknotes so that they do not confuse them.

High ecological value

Sort your Piggy Bank is an exercise with a high ecological value. In our daily life, money management is fundamental, and not only for adults, but also for children. 

Although children do not handle large amounts of money, it is necessary for them to be autonomous and learn to pay, to be aware of change, to be aware of what things are worth, to save…

What does this activity work?

This activity works visual gnosis, since children have to detect identify and differentiate each coin and bill, and selective attention because they are presented mixed at the same time.

Ways to work with this activity

Sort your Piggy Bank es un generador y, como ocurre con todos los Sort your piggy bank is a generator and, as with all NeuronUP generators, it generates unlimited and ecological activities. The child will learn what to do (put the coins and bills in place), but can never learn it by heart, as it will always be a different activity..

And, like all of the NeuronUP generators, there are three ways of working:

1. Correction mode

The platform corrects the child after each action.

2. Free mode

The platform does not correct the child until the end of the exercise.

3. Personalized mode 

This mode allows us to customize each generator to the needs and circumstances of each child.

You are able to personalize:

3.1. General aspects:

3.2 Parameters: 

3.3. Adaptability

You can choose whether the movement is draggable or just by clicking on the currency or banknote is selected.

In the following video we show you how to customize this exercise:

Available languages

This activity is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Coming soon

Keep your eyes open for an adult version soon!​

Suggestions or comments

If you’d like to suggest an idea for an activity you’d like to see or you have an improvement for the platform or an activity, write us at, write us via our website chat, call us at +1 (305) 424-8333 or get in touch via our social networks and we’d love to get your feedback

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