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5 cognitive stimulation activities for children that you should know about

Cognitive Stimulation Activities for Children:

1. The Magic Word

The classic word search puzzle remains the cognitive stimulation activity most chosen among professionals to improve attention in kids.

NeuronUP offers therapists the possibility of customizing the word search to stimulate patients by using words from their daily life. For example, creating a customized word search with the names of their school friends:

2. Follow the path

Follow the path is an activity to improve alternating attention and inhibition. The child must follow the steps marked on the pictures to reach the castle. A range of difficulty levels is also available so that the professional can adjust the task to the needs of each child.

Basic Level

Advanced Level

3. Common items

Common items is the perfect activity for improving selective attention and semantic memory. Children have to select a number of specific items from among a group of stimuli. For example, in the next picture, children have to identify objects that are typically found in a kitchen:

4. Hide-and-seek with letters

This cognitive stimulation activity for children involves searching for the given letter among a group of letters. It targets selective attention in particular. Be careful: it is easy to leave some out!

5. Animal Pairs

Matching cards, another classic in cognitive stimulation, consists of finding the matching pairs among the face-down cards. In this case, the professional trains the child’s episodic memoryselective attention, as well as working memory.

NeuronUP also provides the professional with the ability to put a number on the cards in the case that this is a group activity, thus making the identification of the exact card to which the children are alluding to easier.

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