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Exercise to work on cognitive flexibility in adults: Varied combinations

Exercise to work on cognitive flexibility in adults: Varied combinations

New exercise to work on cognitive flexibility in adults and planning: Varied combinations!

In our daily lives we usually have to think of solutions to different problems, from things of little importance to other very relevant ones. For this, it is essential to be able to generate in our mind different options and then be able to choose the most appropriate one. Even once a decision has been made, circumstances may change and we may need to change our strategy. For this reason, cognitive flexibility is crucial in our lives.

What does it consist of?

Patients have to organize different elements in different groups. They have to make different groups according to the story, taking into account that no two groups can be the same.

In the following video we show you an example of how to work with this exercise:

Ways to work with this game

Varied Combinations is a game and as such can be worked in two ways:

1. Phases by levels.

The game is divided by phases. Phase 1 being the easiest and phase 9 the most complicated.

The patient will automatically level up or down according to his successes or mistakes. In addition, the professional can choose the phase manually.

2. Customized phases

In addition, customized phases can be created to adapt them to the specific needs of each person.

2.1. General features

You can choose other general aspects such as:

2.2 Parameters

In addition, we will be able to delimit some parameters of this exercise to work cognitive flexibility in adults such as:

What does this activity work?

With this game we are helping the patient to exercise cognitive flexibility, obtaining different combinations of different elements. To achieve this, the patient will also have to work on planning, since he/she will have to plan the best way to do it in order to fulfill the requirements of the task.

Languages to work with this exercise to work on cognitive flexibility in adults

This activity can be done in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Catalan.

Children’s version

Varied combinations has a children’s version called The best organizer. In the example shown below, children should organize the prizes into different groups to give them to each team after the championship, bearing in mind that no two groups can be the same:

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