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Activities to improve executive functions

mixed images activity to improve executive functions

1. Bottle Caps

In this exercise, clients have to arrange the moving bottle caps in ascending order. By practicing this activity, they train three executive functions in particular: working memory, inhibition, and hemineglect. Sustained attention is also trained.

This cognitive rehabilitation activity to improve executive functions is also available for children under the name “The Little Glutton“, a game in which children have to eat all the cookies, though of course, in strict numerical sequence.

2. Word Association

This worksheet trains reasoning skills. Clients have to be able to match words that are associated to each other. Like other worksheets at NeuronUP, “Word Association” includes several levels of difficulty ranging from basic to advanced.

Intermediate Level

Listed below is an intermediate level worksheet.

We have connected several concepts:

Can your clients match all the missing concepts?

3. Mixed Images

In this activity specifically designed for children, kids must move the squares in an orderly manner until creating the desired image. This is a task to train planning, as well as other cognitive functions such as visuospatial skills and spatial relations.

Can the kids put it together correctly?

Yes? Are you sure? We will provide the solution tomorrow on our social networks.

4. Hit the target

Here is a worksheet to train cognitive flexibility, working memory, and reasoning. This activity involves coming up with moves to reach the given score. Keep in mind that all the moves must be different.

This activity includes several levels of difficulty ranging from basic to advanced.

Advanced Level

5. Time Estimation

We hope these activities to improve executive functions have been useful to you for training your clients!

If you are a neurorehabilitation professional and would like to try this or other memory exercises with your senior clients, just request a free trial by clicking here:

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