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10 Cognitive rehabilitation exercises: practical examples

Today we propose 10 cognitive rehabilitation exercises: cognitive rehabilitation exercises for children, cognitive rehabilitation exercises for adults and cognitive rehabilitation exercises for older people.

10 Cognitive rehabilitation exercises

The practical cognitive rehabilitation exercises that we propose below can be found on the NeuronUP platform.

1. Get Dressed

This is a cognitive rehabilitation exercise for older people. Ideal to work with Alzheimer patients. It consists of dressing the silhouette in an appropriate manner, taking into account both the place and order in which each garment is placed and the type of situation. With this activity we stimulate la procedimental memory, body schema, ideological praxis, la semantic memory and planning

2. Jump the Squares

This cognitive rehabilitation activity is ideal for a person with Multiple Sclerosis. The user has to follow a path with the objective of reaching the final square, skipping over squares or going backwards, according to the rules that are indicated. Here we are working alternating attention and inhibition.

3. Word Search

This activity is very helpful for individuals with Parkinson’s. This activity can be personalized to make it relevant to the individual doing the activity by including words that are meaningful to them, be it names of family members, favorite entertainers or places relevant to their lives. This activity works attention.

4. Select Items from a Category

This exercise consists of selecting a series of specific elements from a group of stimuli. This activity is often used to work with people with intellectual disabilities to work selective attention and semantic memory.

5. Let the Games Begin!

This is a cognitive stimulation exercise for children. It is a game in which children will have to be able to rearrange the soccer balls on one side and the basketballs on the other side and all while the balls are moving! It is an ideal activity to work on planning, selective attention, sustained attention, heminegligence and processing speed.

6. Sort Numbers According to Value

Another activity to work on cognitive rehabilitation with children is Scrambled Numbers. It works on reasoning and consists of classifying a series of numbers according to their value.

7. Emotion recognition

The purpose of the activity is to recognize the emotions shown and relate them to the terms that define them. It is one of the online cognitive rehabilitation exercises of NeuronUP that is also available in paper format. It works on social cognition, vocabulary and reasoning.

8. Animal Pairs

This activity consists of discovering the pairs between a set of cards placed face down. It works on episodic memory, selective attention and working memory.

It is ideal for working on group cognitive rehabilitation since this NeuronUP game has an extra customization that allows the professional to number the cards on the back to make the group activity easier.

9. Relate characteristic-item

NeuronUP has thousands of cognitive rehabilitation exercises to print out and this is just one example. These cognitive rehabilitation sheets have advanced cognitive stimulation exercises, so that they can also be used with people to help prevent cognitive decline.

Relate chatacteristic – item consists in pointing out the characteristic properties of different elements and helps to work semantic memory.

10. Accurate Payments

It is an activity with benefits for everyday life. The user has to select the exact amount of money requested. This activity works working memory, shopping and planning.

These are 10 practical examples featured on NeuronUP! Count on over 10,000 cognitive rehabilitation activities all classified by cognitive process or area of occupation being worked. 

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