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Types of NeuronUP activities: worksheets, generators and games

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NeuronUP has thousands of cognitive stimulation exercises. All of them are divided into three types of activities: worksheets, generators and games. But do you know the difference between these 3 types of NeuronUP activities?

Understanding the difference between worksheets, generators and games will allow you to choose the most appropriate activity depending on what you want to work on with your patients at any given time.

Types of NeuronUP activities

AHere we explain the difference between the three types of NeuronUP activities

1. Worksheets

In the following example we show you how to work a digital worksheet in correction (feedback) mode. Specifically, the worksheet for adults called Pair up the figures. It is a worksheet to work on selective attention in which the patient must match images that are the same.

2. Generators

Generators allow you to create unlimited and ecological activities. The patient understands what to do in each activity, the process, how it is worked but can never memorizes the answer, since each instance is different.

It is an activity with benefits for daily life. The patient has to pay out the exact amount of money requested. It works on working memory, shopping and planning. The personalized mode shown in the following example allows us to adapt this activity to the needs of each patient.

3. Games

Word Fishing is a NeuronUP game that consists of forming words by ordering syllables or single letters. It works on vocabulary, hemineglect and working memory.

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