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NeuronUP becomes an associate member of FALA, Florida’s largest assisted living association.

We have good news and we want to share it with you! NeuronUP is now an associate member of FALA, the largest assisted living association in Florida. This agreement is a new step in the expansion of NeuronUP into the United States. To inaugurate this relationship, NeuronUP with the help of FALA is organizing a training of the NeuronUP neurorehabilitation platform with its partner centers on July 7th. The webinar will explain the benefits of using NeuronUP with memory-impaired residents.

What is FALA?

The Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA) is the oldest assisted living association in the state. It has been providing advocacy, education and support to its members for 25 years.

FALA was founded when three regional associations, Suncoast Adult Care Association (St. Petersburg/Clearwater), Florida Residential Care Association (Orlando), The Adult Care Association of Florida (Broward County) and many independent facility owners from across the state, decided to join forces to create a single voice for Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs).

Today, FALA is the largest statewide association representing more than 650 assisted living facilities and adult family care homes and nearly 300 associate members who provide products and services to assisted living facilities.

What benefits does NeuronUP get as a FALA member?

As an associate member, the NeuronUP team will be able to, among other benefits:

Participate in all Association activities, including participation in committees.
Have access to more than 600 member facilities.
Be in e-mail communications with other members.

Training program

NeuronUP with the help of FALA is organizing a NeuronUP training session with its associated centers on a TBD date in August 2021. An expert NeuronUP team member will explain the advantages of neurorehabilitation and cognitive stimulation through the NeuronUP platform to the hard working professionals working in assisted living facilities. A few of those advantages to be discussed include:

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