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cognitive stimulation activities for seniors

NeuroActivo Memory Care Services, a pioneer in Puerto Rico in cognitive stimulation for adults, tells us about its experience with NeuronUP and the benefits derived from working with the tool.

The beginnings

Our company is located in Puerto Rico; being an island territory of the United States, most of our health services are highly influenced by the U.S. health system. That said, it is important to highlight that cognitive stimulation is minimally applied on the island and many are unaware of the great benefits it brings to health. That is why “Neuroactivo Memory Care Services” was born in 2017. The process of organizing the service was gradual and was geared towards the elderly; once we officially started the project in 2020 we were surprised by the demand and satisfaction it has generated, producing remarkable changes in the participants we have.

When the idea of working on cognitive stimulation arose, the reality is that we had in our minds much more set in the future for what we wanted to accomplish. We had the idea, but we could not find that moment that would push us to start the project. Without having taken any action, the first person came to us in need of cognitive stimulation therapy. Everything at the beginning was a matter of trial and error. We were not clear about the order or uniformity of our services. However, from the cognitive therapies we realized that our patient showed an improvement in his quality of life. This positive evolution in the patient served as an encouragement for us to improve the service.

Cognitive stimulation through the NeuronUP platform

After a long search we found NeuronUP, where we were guided and managed to implement it, not only as an instrument for stimulation but also as a tool for our organization.

Remote cognitive stimulation

Our company, NeuroActivo Memory Care Services, is currently one of the pioneers in Puerto Rico, where we practice cognitive stimulation specifically with older adults. We have established our services primarily online, so that the participant can work from home, thus seeking their comfort and understanding the limitation that often exists to move at these ages.

In Puerto Rico, services for the elderly are scarce. In collaboration with NeuronUP, we offer a new alternative to our patients, who are delighted with the platform. We have focused on providing the service of cognitive stimulation at home aimed primarily at seniors aged 60 years or older, people with cognitive impairment, some type of dementia or those who simply want it as a preventive measure.

Less than a month ago we started cognitive therapy with a participant through the NeuronUP2GO tool. The patient is from the southwest of Puerto Rico, while our services are aimed at people living in the northern area. Therefore, NeuronUP2GO has allowed us to eliminate a barrier such as distance so that this person can also have access to an intervention.

Results after therapy with NeuronUP

After working for several months with the platform, our patients’ relatives have found changes in them such as:

These are the most notable observations. Cognitive therapies serve in collaboration with pharmacological therapies, family support and follow-up through medical appointments, to improve the quality of life of the participant with cognitive impairment.

Future outlook

In Puerto Rico, people over the age of 65 are the majority. By being among the first to work on cognitive stimulation with the help of NeuronUP, we hope to have a positive impact on the island’s population.

Finally, we would like to thank the social networks for the exposure they provide us and NeuronUP for their contribution to improve the performance of our center “Neuroactivo Memory Care Services” where we already have more than 15 patients receiving 100% personalized cognitive therapies.

In Neuroactivo Memory Care Services we are very happy to have this partnership.

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