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Updated laws and news related to teletherapy for neurorehabilitation professionals

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NeuronUP is an online platform with thousands of cognitive stimulation for professionals working in neurorehabilitation interventions.  The platform has long featured a form of asynchronous teletherapy called NeuronUP2GO, allowing the professional to create and send digital materials for their patients to do at home while maintaining visibility on the patients progress in real time.

Telerehabilitation, teletherapy, e-therapy, telemedicine, telehealth, remote therapy are just a few of the terms being used during the Covid-19 pandemic as solutions for the new way rehabilitation professionals to approach their work. They all fall under the same category of ways that allow professionals to perform healthcare services like cognitive rehabilitation remotely through ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and the Internet. It is characterized by the fact that the professional and the person to be rehabilitated are not in the same place.

The advantages of telerehabilitation seem very clear:

As new information is released daily and rules vary differently, NeuronUP wanted to gather in one place information related to new rules and regulation related to the use of telecommunication platforms for therapy for our clients to help keep them up to date:

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