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The advantages of working with NeuronUP in child and adolescent populations

NeuronUP adolescents and kids

At Centro Psicosanitario Galiani we have a large volume of patients between the ages of 6 and 18 who fall within our specific area of children and youth population where we use NeuronUP. Within this area we perform multidisciplinary evaluation tasks as well as specific intervention in children with problems or difficulties in some cognitive domain that have repercussions in almost 100% of the cases in the family, social, emotional, but especially in the academic/school context.

Work methodology designed for the child and adolescent population

In most cases a neurorehabilitation or stimulation process is initiated with these minors, usually weekly and with the aim of improving or compensating the deficits and to ensure that the patient finds the least limitations in each of the areas in which he/she develops.

In these sessions the deficits are specifically worked on by means of tasks, exercises and games that make the children put into practice techniques and tools learned to improve their performance and compensate for the limitations. These sessions are prepared in a personal and individualized way by the neuropsychologist using materials and games, but above all being flexible and imaginative.

Experience and challenges

In my more than 4 years of experience I have seen the time and work involved in designing neurorehabilitation or cognitive stimulation sessions. In addition, I have experienced the added difficulty of having patients who are children or adolescents, since you have the obligation to make the session fun and enjoyable to get the most out of the time and effort invested.

Advantages of working with NeuronUP in the child and adolescent population

In this opportunity given to us by the NeuronUP team to express ourselves and give our point of view through this blog entry, I would like to highlight the advantages that we have found in therapy with children and adolescents when working and designing sessions with the help of NeuronUP compared to traditional sessions.

Adherence to treatment

The NeuronUP materials translate into greater adherence to the treatment of the child and adolescent population, reaching practically 100% in most cases. Children do not feel as if they are working, so they enjoy each session and look forward to the next one.

Remote treatment

If working remotely has always seemed essential to us since our beginnings, now, due to the situation caused by COVID-19, it has become essential. Thanks to NeuronUP we have been able to maintain the therapy with our patients, thus minimizing the possible adverse effects of the pandemic context.

Group work

Working in a group setting with NeuronUP makes patients participative and motivated; other factors such as teamwork, competitiveness, frustration tolerance… come into play and work in parallel.

Computerized and reliable feedback

NeuronUP gives us the possibility of keeping total control of the patient’s performance in each of the activities carried out. This allows us to have a direct communication and a complete report of results on which we can rely to measure their evolution.

Conclusions derived from working with NeuronUP in a child and adolescent population

It is therefore necessary for us to recognize that tools such as NeuronUP are fundamental for the planning of the therapeutic process in the child and adolescent population. Furthermore, although in this entry we focus on the benefits for the child population, we can generalize all these advantages perfectly to the adult population.

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